Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) turned up at a musical and food festival (美獅鋒味搖滾美食節) in Macau on 30th November and 1st December 2019. Other than cooking and singing, he also invited MFM group, Joey Wong (王灝兒), Angela Hui (許靖韻) and Singaporean singer, Joanna Dong (董姿彥).

In the afternoon, “Chef Le Mon” Nicholas wore the chef uniform to cook for the guests and sing the songs (玉蝴蝶), (有火) and (潛龍勿用) together at once. As he was perspiring, Nicholas removed his chef uniform on the stage.

Subsequently, Nicholas interacted with the audiences and gave the presents away while singing the songs (青空) and (活著VIVA). It became a lively atmosphere when the audiences tried to grab a big balloon from him and he said: “It is the first food festival in Macau and thank you for the supports. Hopefully we will organise similar musical and food festivals in other countries in the future.”

In addition, Angela stood at one corner to watch her senior’s performance and uploaded a video clip online: “A concert! I feel very honoured to sing tonight.”