Alice Chan (陳煒) and Jonathan Wong (王梓軒) starred as each other love interest in Wonder Women (多功能老婆) drama and promoted it at Metro Broadcast Corporation (新城電台) on 3rd December 2019. He disclosed he did not try frog legs meal in reality and had to eat it with Alice in the series. Jonathan said: “It is too frightening and frog legs smell very fishy. Luckily, looking at Alice makes the meal delicious. (Fall in love with her?) I manage to stop myself. Otherwise, I need to see a doctor.” It made Alice laughed immediately.

When asked if her doctor boyfriend will feel jealous as she revealed she had a special kissing scene with Jonathan, Alice said: “Nope. He assured my boyfriend and did not even touch my hand. My boyfriend praised he is a gentleman.” Jonathan added: “Her boyfriend has good taste and chooses her eventually. It is impossible for Alice to like me anyway.”