Angelababy (楊穎) is noted for her high popularity in China and has a busy workload. At night on 7th December 2019, she was absent from a major scale event organised by a magazine in Beijing due to a clash in her schedule. However on the following day, her work studio uploaded photos of Angelababy “appearing” at the red carpet and explained: “Because of her work schedule, Angelababy had no choice but to absent from a grand activity. boss @angelababy we used this method to show our sincerity.”

Upon seeing the photos, the netizens disapproved the method used by Angelababy’s work studio and said: “We are totally speechless. You might as well use photoshop when filming drama as well. You do not need to go to any events personally and save your time.” Some netizens also pointed Angelababy was good at grabbing every opportunity and the organisation committee defended her on Weibo immediately: “We use another way to invite Angelababy to our grand event so that it can give her a good memory at the red carpet. Please do not treat it very seriously.”

Korean group, f(x) member, Krystal, H.O.T. group member, Jang Woo Hyuk (張佑赫) and Chinese actress Qin Lan (秦嵐) were present at the same event.