Sonija Kwok (郭羨妮) attended an educational seminar organised by Cable News Hong Kong (有線新聞) on 4th December 2019. When mentioned about her 7-year-old daughter enrolled into her old primary school by coincidence, Sonija replied she had to hire a tuition teacher for help because of her busy homework: “Kylie lacks of concentration and has to go to a tuition centre after the last semester. Also, the school stops all lessons previously and she needs to do many homework in order to catch up with the progress. Last night, I feel unhappy upon seeing her studying until very late. We suffer from tremendous pressure and I try to calm myself even to the extent of crying in the washroom once.” In order to make Kylie happy, Sonija allowed her to learn dancing and playing piano.

Since Sonija used to pursue her studies in Canada, she planned to take her daughter to try the local schooling life and might retire over there. Sonija added Kylie loved Canada but her husband worked in China and they were used to seeing each other rarely.