Maggie Cheung (張可頤) is known as an “A” grade actress in TVB in the past and reduces her workload in recent years. On 14th December 2019, she uploaded the drawing and her photo on Weibo and it is uncertain if Maggie draws it personally. It turned out that she took drawing lessons previously and the drawing focused on the ladies’ mindsets. Maggie posted a message: “Delicious food is matched with good wine and art must match with music. I believe Tina Berning has good R&B feel.” Apparently, Tina Berning is a famous female artist in Germany.

Other than drawing, Maggie also learns to cook and goes to the supermarket earlier. On 13th December, she shared photo of herself baking bread via Weibo and currently going for cooking lessons. It is believed that Maggie is preparing a feast during Christmas and will be participating in a musical concert organised by Cheung Chi Kok (張之珏) in next January.