Matt Yeung (楊明), Lisa Chong (莊思明), Eileen Yeow (姚瑩瑩), Glen Lee (李霖恩), Bonnie Chu (朱庭萱), Raymond Cho (曹永廉) and his family showed their supports to the police force in a low-key manner a few days ago. The group photo was uploaded by their friend who was present at the activity online and was pointed as a “troublemaker”. Subsequently, it went viral and the photo was released on Facebook. Matt then forwarded the photo on Weibo to show his support for the police force.

Matt posted a message: “Hong Kong police force has never given up on us and we will never too. #Hong Kong cops #Thank you for upholding the laws and protecting Hong Kong #positive energy @Hong Kong police force #never give up” Many netizens were furious and planned to boycott his soup business. They also complained about the steep price and insufficient ingredients. Lisa said: “Thank you for the feedback. I will compare the price at the seafood store when free and let’s see if $88 is too expensive. We will continue to seek for improvements.” However, it caused satisfactions from a big group of netizens.