Former TVB actress Michelle Ye (葉璇) was used to be heavily groomed and taken photos of meeting Doctor Charles Chan (陳國強) secretly at a hotel in Beijing in December 2015. Both were dancing in a crazy manner and became the targets of the media at the time.

As Doctor Chan resigned as the chairman in TVB, it is believed that there will be major movements in the company. As Michelle leaves TVB for many years and focuses her career in Mainland China, but she seems unconcerned about the changes in senior management and replied to Apple Daily HK (蘋果) via a text message on 16th December 2019: “I have left TVB a long time ago and the changes in senior management is unrelated to me. However, I will always remember the opportunities given by TVB and thank you.”

In addition, as one of the judges and award presenters for the final round for 2020 Miss Chinese International Pageant (2020國際中華小姐競選內地站總決賽) on 15th December, Michelle recalled of the old memories: “Looking at the contestants reminded of myself. Thus, I give full observations and the marks seriously. Hopefully TVB will give equal opportunities to these girls and 2 girls are chosen based on my judgement.”