Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯) and Law Lan (羅蘭) attended a promotion activity related to safety bell in Ho Man Tin on 16th December 2019. Sheren revealed she filmed her first drama with Law Lan in 1980s and praised she was good in taking care of newcomer. Hence, she felt happy to work together with Law Lan again.

Sheren expressed she planned to install a safety bell at home because of her age and worry about the maid when working in overseas: “It is necessary when living alone other than the age. I did fall down from the bathtub once and will convince my mother to install a safety bell, since I am the spokesperson now.”

Law Lan disclosed she had installed safety bell at her house and pressed it accidentally when dreaming, and the firefighters and policemen arrived quickly. She said: “They were prepared to use the equipment to open the door and indeed have high efficiency. (Recommend to your good friend, Bowie Wu (胡楓)?) No need. He lives with a big family and has a loud voice.”