Stephen Au (歐錦棠) and Annie Man (文頌嫻) were invited to the celebration party for ViuTV new drama (打天下) on 16th December 2019. As both filmed Burning Flame II (烈火雄心II) series together 17 years ago, he praised Annie had brilliant acting skills: “She is very good in crying scenes which even won compliments from the film director. She can show 3 different expressions within 2 seconds and I feel very lucky to work together with her.”

Annie expressed she had different identity as she became her 7-year-old daughter’s tuition teacher and chauffeur: “Hence, I cannot follow the team to Okinawa for location shooting and really appreciate Stephen for comprising my schedule. (Will film drama again?) Yes, but it depends on the timing. Thank you to Stephen for trusting me and my daughter definitely wishes me to work everyday, as she will enjoy lots of freedom.”