Shirley Yeung (楊思琦) is currently expecting for 7 months and dressed in a white dress with 4 inches of high heels at an opening ceremony for a health products shop on 19th December 2019. Her 7-year-old daughter also accompanied her to the event.

Shirley revealed she felt tired and her spine and knee-joint felt painful during the pregnancy. She ended up sleeping in every afternoon: “My baby will remind me to take a nap for 2 hours after eating every afternoon. Hence, I gain lots of weight and my husband will help me to massage due to the leg cramp. Once, I shouted because of the intense cramp and my daughter helped me to massage immediately.” Shirley refused to disclose her baby gender and pointed he/she was more active when compared to her first pregnancy. She felt it was a miracle when the baby kicked her in the belly.