Joe Chen (陳喬恩) is filming an idol drama (遇見璀璨的你) directed by Chen Ming Chang (陳銘章) in Hangzhou and Shanghai lately. On 21st December 2019, she applied leave to attend a charity activity as an ambassador in Guangzhou. Other than participating in the opening ceremony, Joe also helped to sell the food and it is definite that her fans are showing their supports. She stayed for less than 2 hours without accepting any interviews and took a flight back to Shanghai to continue the shooting. Ever wonder if Joe is trying to avoid the reporters or rushing to take a flight?

In addition Joe is pointed to go for flash marriage with Malaysian wealthy heir, Alan Chen (曾偉昌) a few days ago after dating. However, the media could not get an answer from her and her fans opposed to their romance because of Alan’s personality. Nevertheless, Joe continues to trust Alan and is determined to protect their relationship.