Chow Yun Fat (周潤發) was dressed up in black outfit with black mask to visit his mother at the hospital on 22nd December 2019 and visited her again in black outfit after 2 days later. When asked if they could took photos of him, he waved his hands and went into the hospital immediately.

After several hours later, Yun Fat’s sister (周聰玲) appeared at the hospital with a luggage. She explained she came out from Fanling not long ago and revealed her mother was recovering well: “Once during my visit, my mother asks if I have a sister and it turns out that she wants to cut the rope in order to escape. (Is she in a good condition?) She is very energetic and feels better now. Anyway, the maid is taking care of her and we must do it step by step. (When will she be discharged?) No idea. It is not within my control and depends on the doctor.” Subsequently, she left shortly after visiting her mother in the ward. Asking if she saw Yun Fat, she replied nope and it is uncertain if he leaves by another exit.