TVB drama are criticised as creating old-fashioned plots, lousy endings and every aspect is made fun by the netizens. Joseph Lee (李國麟) works in TVB for 40 years and believes the problem lies with the script and not the on-screen writers: “The public pointed it is rubbish and please do not blame on the netizens. We should ask the on-screen writers if they have enough time to produce the script. The answer is no and they need to achieve the company’s rule by giving the script consisting of 2 episodes per week. Take me for an example. My daughter wants me to tell her bedtime stories every night and I feel like dying on the third night as cannot think of anymore stories. Hence, the on-screen writers need time for inspiration and it is difficult to produce good script in TVB.”

Apparently, an episode consists of 30 scenes and it is not easy for the on-screen writers to submit 2 episodes with 60 scenes every week. Certainly, they are disallowed to copy the script and Joseph understood their difficulties such as lacking of time and experiences: “I know there is problems upon reading the script. For instance, they fail to describe a cop and CEO well . However, we cannot blame on them because of insufficient time and lack of experiences. Thus, the result is mediocre and cannot meet everyone’s expectation.

Besides that, Joseph felt the young generation of actors should be more competitive and one will hit oneself if failed to do one’s part well during his era. He graduated from the fourth batch of acting classes and continued to upgrade himself until now: “What is your reaction when a scene illustrates you happen to bump into a friend when crossing the road? Surprised? Remain calm? We need to practise and imagine the situation. I did suggest to the young actors to practise in front of me and they cannot do it due to lack of practice. It is expected they act poorly when the camera rolls.”

Certainly, everyone misses the glory days of TVB and Joseph is one of them: “The local will welcome you at the street once knowing TVB actors are having a location shooting in Mainland China. I am uncertain if Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (天龍八部) drama produced in 1997 is considered a classic series when some television stations are re-broadcasting it. Anyway, I know this is the first version that they are watching it and that first impression is very important. Because I film that series and it gives me an opportunity to shoot Chinese drama.”

Finally, Joseph revealed the problem of the new generation of TVB artistes failing to conquer in overseas market: “Because our plots are not as popular as before and the audiences have limited choices in the past. Everyone has a mobile phone now and a wide variety of choices. Hence, it is unnecessary to watch TVB drama which are less popular in Mainland China. Anyway, the root of the problem is the script and the company should focus on this area. We should consider to hire more on-screen writers, continue the original creativity and buy some scripts back to film it. I believe it is one of the solutions.”