Jonathan Cheung (張頴康) and Crystal Fung (馮盈盈) filmed passionate kissing scenes in the shower room and bed in The Man Who Kills Troubles (解決師) drama. Both partners were unhappy when the preview was released at the time and Crystal announced that she ended her 4 years romance with her doctor boyfriend, Martin through her social media on 30th December 2019.

During the worshipping ceremony for TVB new drama, Sinister Beings (逆天奇案) on the same day, Jonathan replied he was aware of it in the same morning and said: “It is very sudden. 2 nights ago, Crystal came to my house and I assumed she had to return home by 12pm because of her boyfriend. I am clueless about the reason and do not know her ex-boyfriend at all.

In fact prior to becoming a popular actress, Crystal is considered good to be honest about her relationship, mentions about her boyfriend and is protective of him. I support their romance and even recommend the furnitures before both move into the house together. I am shocked once knowing their separation news and hopefully there is chances for reconciliation.”

When asked if their passionate kissing scenes became the catalyst to end the relationship, Jonathan said: “It is not easy to being a man. My wife is unhappy for several days upon watching it. As a man, I do feel unhappy when seeing that scene and hopefully they will overcome this barrier together. I really wish they will become a couple again. (Sense anything unusual during the party?) Nope. We laugh together and everything is normal. (Because of the kissing scenes?) I dare not say it is the catalyst. I am innocent and my wife should file for a divorce if because of that scene too? It is hard to cohabit and there is many things to compromise. My wife and I also take a long time to get used to it. Anyway, I know Crystal will cry and dare not ask her about the reason. Let’s wait for her to feel better and say it by herself.

I am really an innocent party if that kissing scenes are a catalyst. I did explain to her ex-boyfriend that Crystal and I do not enjoy the process at all and it is impossible to shoot it based on the angle. I told her I was unwilling to film it but had no choice as an actor. I am also worried about my wife leaving me after wrapping up that scene and want to tell Martin that Crystal cares about him very much. Hopefully he will understand our jobs.”