It is normal for artistes to get married and have children openly in this era. On 30th December 2019, Ms Hong Kong Crystal Fung (馮盈盈) announced she ended her 4 years relationship with her doctor boyfriend Martin via her Instagram account. In June 2019, she hid from her parent to pay for the down payment for the flat in Sha Tin, upon cohabiting with Martin. Although Crystal saves the money for 2 years and the flat is under her boyfriend’s name only, but it does not matter to her and they are separated because of having conflicts after living together.

When asked about her ended relationship during a promotion activity on 30th December 2019, Crystal had a breakdown and confessed she had moved out from the apartment, but they will find a solution about the flat in a fair manner. On the same day, some netizen exposed Crystal was a “third party” at the time: “She stole this dashing man from her friend.” However according to a news source on the following day, Crystal and Martin pretended to break up and changed to an underground romance. In addition a few days ago, the netizen discovered both were dating at the Central and Crystal admitted that they went there previously. She revealed they remained as friends and it is definite that only the main parties know the full details.