Fala Chen (陳法拉) and her French husband, Emmanuel Straschnov are currently having their honeymoon in Antarctic. She has been sharing the photos of their trip and even acted as a penguin on 28th December 2019. Fala left a message: “Only penguin and I will understand 🐧 🐧” It turned out that her ex-husband, Daniel (薛世恒) happened to be in Antarctic and posted a message after uploading the photo on Instagram: “I am born in summer but my favourite season is winter. I experience the coldest weather in Antarctic this year and the penguins are normally born in summer. I feel lucky to see it.” Ever wonder if Daniel will meet Fala by coincidence other than seeing the penguins?

Source: https://ol.mingpao.com/ldy/showbiz/latest/20191229/1577602363352/%e9%99%b3%e6%b3%95%e6%8b%89%e6%90%9e%e7%ac%91%e8%b8%8e%e4%bd%8e%e6%89%ae%e4%bc%81%e9%b5%9d-%e5%89%8d%e5%a4%ab%e8%96%9b%e4%b8%96%e6%81%92%e8%ba%ab%e8%99%95%e5%8d%97%e6%a5%b5