Matt Yeung (楊明) supported Hong Kong police force with his girlfriend Lisa Chong (莊思敏) and artiste Raymond Cho (曹永廉), Oscar Li (李嘉) and Glen Lee (李霖恩) in December 2019. Subsequently, the group photo went viral and Matt uploaded the photo taken with the cops on Weibo. He left a message: “I will continue to support Hong Kong police force who conveys positive energy.”

As Matt’s soup restaurant was damaged a few days ago, some friends and netizens sent messages to console him: “Your shop is destroyed again?” Matt replied: “Yes, but it is fine and I can bear with it.” The netizen or friend said: “It is way too much that they keep damaging your shop.” Matt said again: “I can set up my business again if it is destroyed and it is worse upon losing your conscience. I will support Hong Kong police force forever even as a beggar.” It won supports from many netizens who suggested him to open a soup restaurant in Mainland China.