Anne Heung (向海嵐) and Shirley Yeung (楊思琦) hosted ViuTV show (香港親善小) together and the fourth episode illustrated both visited a prison cell, “Prison Inside Me” in stimulation mode in Gangwon at Korea. They wore prison uniforms and sat inside the cell without their mobile phones for 30 minutes.

Anne revealed her hairstylist discovered her hair had 2 holes once and realised it was caused by stress, after seeking for treatment: “Perhaps the people surrounding me believe I am a perfect person and worry about disgracing them. I try to meet their expectations which might give me pressure.” She confessed she would leave herself loose, cry and choose to keep it to herself whenever feeling stressful, so as not to let her family worry about her.

As for Shirley, she recalled she knew there would be a big group of journalists following her after crowning as Ms Hong Kong at the time: “I do not mind people call me as “Ms Public Estate Hong Kong” (屋邨港姐) as I indeed grow up in public estate. I was totally clueless initially and realised the reporters were doing their jobs after joining for a long time.”