As Matt Yeung’s (楊明) soup restaurant was damaged a few days ago, his girlfriend Lisa Chong (莊思明) said at a celebration party for All’s Well, Ends Well 2020 (家有囍事2020) film on 3rd January 2020: “It definitely affects us once receiving the bad news. It is hard to predict and hopefully we will resolve the issue soon, so as not to affect the business and citizens. (How much is the loss?) No idea. Anyway, we have less worry as it is handled by his business partner. (Affect your sales revenue?) Every company is affected because of the poor economy and we will survive. (Reinforce the security measures?) Perhaps we might refrain from using glass but other materials in order to protect the public. (How long is the repair process?) It is fine now but not as beautiful as before though.”

In addition when suggested her to make tactful replies to the customers’ comments online so as to avoid any misunderstandings, Lisa explained: “I am always courteous and will try to understand the details whenever there are complaints. I will explain to the customers if it is related to the quality issue.”