Rumoured couple Jeannie Chan (陳瀅) and Carlos Chan (陳家樂) established great rapport when shooting an advertisement together a few days ago. During the filming on that day, she took her dogs and the staff made fun of them by saying they resembled a family of 4 members. Both remarked it looked like taking a “family photo” but explained they treated each other as “brothers” only.

Jeannie believed they became good friends because of endless conversations and Carlos said: “Sometimes, it is boring to run alone and Jeannie has 2 dogs to accompany her. It will be the best if my partner is running together with me in the future.”

At the set, Carlos took very good care of Jeannie and it was normal for the public to mistake them as a couple. He explained: “I know she has poor balance and am extra careful when pushing her inside the car.” Jeannie said: “I reckon I lack of affinity with the wheels and might obtain a motorcycle licence in the future.”