Shirley Yeung (楊思琦) married her boyfriend from another industry secretly last year and filmed ViuTV show (香港親善小姐) with Anne Heung (向海嵐), when expecting for 5 months at the time. She kept her pregnancy news as a secret and continued to eat spicy food, drink cold beverages and dance in the program: “I was expecting for 5 months when hosting the show and did not tell anybody including Anne, in order not to affect the filming progress. The staff arranged a group of women whom were more than 40 years old to dance together and fortunately, I managed to do it.”

Although the estimated date of delivery is around February or March 2020, but Shirley chooses to keep the baby gender a secret until now. As she has a daughter, Krystal Yeung (楊卓穎), Shirley expressed her desire to have a baby boy: “I continue to drink cold beverages and gain nearly 30 pound during this pregnancy. Hence, my old injury near my waist feels painful and it makes me feel tired easily. I am walking slowly now too.” She added she will be giving birth in Hong Kong, hoping for a smooth delivery and managing her family and career well.

Shirley revealed her worry about Krystal’s education and had to persuade her to focus on her studies frequently. However, she was considered sensible and was willing to take care of her sibling and called the baby as “small baby”. Shirley said: “My daughter calls herself as “big baby” and my second baby as “small baby”. She will say “good night, I love you” before sleeping and I can feel the baby inside me has some reaction after that. It is really a miracle and amazing.” Although the public were curious about her husband’s identity, but Shirley chose to ignore it as it was their personal affair and unnecessary to hold a wedding banquet: “What matters most is having a stable relationship and holding a wedding banquet needs lots of efforts and energy.”