Sammi Cheng’s (鄭秀文) song, We Grew This Way (我們都是這樣長大的) won many awards last year. She shared her image in the MV of her song, We Grew This Way and performed catwalk on her social media account. Although Sammi does not come from a modelling background, but she resembles a professional model and left a message: “I decide to show this image tonight and this is the way we grew this way. 😅 Thank you for this song which portrays full of love in 2019 and I will continue to prepare every song well in 2020. 😘😘 #continuing to prepare every song #will sing as many as I can. 😄🎼” On 4th January 2020, Sammi uploaded another video clip of herself doing catwalk again and said: “Catwalk. 🐈 🐈 🐈 #not a professional model #I want to become a model #catwalk”