Benny Chan (陳浩民) and his family attended an event on 5th January 2020. He praised his wife Lisa Jiang (蔣麗莎) was good at taking care of their 4 children: “Looking after 1 child is already difficult and not to mention 4 kids. Lisa went for cesarean because of me for 4 times and it is not easy to support a family. I reckon I will lose my hair quickly if taking care of 4 children by myself.”

Lisa described their kids were as hyperactive as Benny and their 3 daughters were noisy as well. When asked if he planned to become a father again, Benny replied he loved children and it depended on destiny.

As pneumonia was currently wide-spreading in Wuhan, Benny responded he did not need to work over there before Lunar New Year and believed one’s lifespan was pre-arranged by the god: “I will make safety precautions at all times and take note of my personal hygiene. Anyway, I guess it should be a minor problem and will eat more vitamin C.”