As Matt Yeung (楊明) showed his support for Hong Kong police force openly, his soup restaurant was damaged and his girlfriend Lisa Chong (莊思明) assured the sales revenue remained satisfactory a few days ago.

On 6th January 2020, Matt uploaded photo of a long queue in his restaurant via his Weibo account and felt grateful to the customers’ patronages and continuous supports for the cops. He said: “Thank you to the citizens and friends all over the world for the concerns and we really appreciate it. Also, thank you to the kind-hearted people on behalf of Po Leung Kuk (保良局) and the earnings from the past few days will be donated to the organisation. Lastly, my sincere apology for causing fear to my colleagues and I feel very grateful that all of you continue to serve the customers professionally, despite facing tremendous pressure. Please do not worry and we will fight for survival and the encouragements make me feel that Hong Kong remains a place full of love. Let’s fight and cheer together for the police force. #supporting the cops”