Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文) usually shares the joy of training and discusses about drinking hot water to nourish her body this time. She revealed she felt excellent after drinking a glass of warm water once awake.

Sammi posted an online message: “Lately, I have been drinking hot and warm water and my body feels very good. I used to hate warm water in the past and realise there is no eternal enemy. I am drinking a glass of warm water once awake but without brushing my teeth everyday, and you can choose to brush your teeth before drinking fluid. It makes me feel very warm and let’s start from drinking warm water everyday first. (Of course, I love soft drinks very much.) It is a miracle that I switch to drinking warm water now and it depends on the timing. #drink hot water to nourish the body #having good habit is never too late #the benefits of drinking warm water #becoming health conscious upon growing older #feel grateful because of my gastric”