Tavia Yeung (楊怡) and Him Law (羅仲謙) are a loving couple in show business and show their love in the air at times. On 10th January 2020, she shared photo of Him buying a big soft toy, lots-o’-huggin’ bear in Toy Story 3 (反斗奇兵3) for her and revealed small lots-o’-hugging bear will not feel lonely now. Ever wonder if Tavia is expecting or Him buys a soft toy to make her happy only?

Tavia posted an online message: “My husband bought a big soft toy for me and someone will be accompanying the small bear from now onward. #lots-o’-hugging bear #strawberry”

Source: https://ol.mingpao.com/ldy/showbiz/latest/20200110/1578655616462/%e3%80%90%e6%9a%97%e7%a4%ba%e6%9c%89%e5%96%9c-%e5%a4%9a%e7%89%a2%e9%a8%b7-%e3%80%91%e7%be%85%e4%bb%b2%e8%ac%99%e9%80%81%e6%a5%8a%e6%80%a1%e5%a4%a7size%e3%80%8c%e5%8b%9e%e8%98%87%e3%80%8d%e5%85%ac%e4%bb%94