2019 TVB Anniversary Awards (萬千星輝頒獎典禮2019) begun on 12th January 2020. Ali Lee (李佳芯) and Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) are fighting to become TV Queen. Ali wore a black suit revealing her beautiful legs and explained dressing up sexily did not suit her style. However, she pointed the shorts was extremely short and had made safety precautions.

As for Natalie, she wore a sexy evening gown with a little lace design in front of her breasts and emphasised it was an original design. She added she had prepared safety precautions and praised the staff from clothing department were the best.

Source: https://ol.mingpao.com/ldy/showbiz/latest/20200112/1578830739785/%e3%80%90%e7%b4%85%e5%9c%b0%e6%b0%88%e3%80%91%e6%9d%8e%e4%bd%b3%e8%8a%af%e7%a9%bf%e3%80%8c%e5%85%a7%e8%a4%b2%e3%80%8d%e9%a8%b7%e7%be%8e%e8%85%bf-%e5%94%90%e8%a9%a9%e8%a9%a0deep-v%e5%8a%a0%e8%96%84%e7%b4%97