50-year-old Maggie Cheung (張可頤) sets up her own production and manager company in Mainland China to groom newcomers and 18-year-old Karen (陳涵林) is the first singer to join her firm. Maggie stepped into the recording studio again and sang the song (風給的約定) together with Karen. It illustrated about love and out of love. Maggie said: “I use my own experience to sing while Karen is young and positive. We sing based on different feelings and it suits everyone to listen.”

When mentioned about her love life, Maggie replied she had little dating history and joined 1994 Ms Hong Kong pageant because of the nomination by her boyfriend (董波) at the time. Subsequently, she dated a music composer aka her manager (陳容森) and parted their ways eventually. In 2003, Maggie and a financial guru (曾安邦) developed a relationship after shooting a show together and were broken up as well. Since then, she remains single and continues to have a dry love life.

Although Maggie had her own company, but she was unworried about finding a partner and believed in destiny. As she grew older, Maggie was more open-minded and might go for flash marriage anytime: “It is common in overseas. My mother always tells me to think carefully before getting married and I realise it does not work now. What matters most is the communication and we can get married as long as we find each other suitable. Why should we tie the knot only with a bland relationship? Some people part their ways because of the understanding and we should get married during the sweetest moment.”

As for Karen, she emphasised she remained single and going for flash marriage did not cross her mind at all.

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