Eliza Sam (岑麗香) expressed she will be celebrating Lunar New Year in Hong Kong during an event in a shopping mall at Causeway Bay on 10th January 2020. She revealed her son Jacob was more than 9 months old and it was his first time to feel the festive spirit: “I am going to give him a fat red packet so as to save up as his education funds in the future.”

As Eliza will be shooting the sequel of Who Wants a Baby (BB來了) drama in end February, she planned to make use of her knowledge as a mother in the series and might take Jacob to the drama set: “So that he will understand my job and I need to discuss with my husband if Jacob is allowed to make cameo appearance. Making a living as an artiste is not easy at all.”

When mentioned about spending less time with her son due to long filming hours, Eliza said: “I dare not think about it and will miss Jacob even when outside for several hours. Perhaps I might video cam with him before starting work and Jacob should be able to recognise me?”

Source: https://ol.mingpao.com/ldy/showbiz/latest/20200110/1578644918904/%e3%80%90%e7%82%bab%e4%bb%94%e5%84%b2%e5%88%a9%e5%b8%82%e9%8c%a2%e5%81%9a%e6%95%99%e8%82%b2%e5%9f%ba%e9%87%91%e3%80%91%e5%b2%91%e9%ba%97%e9%a6%99%e8%bf%94%e7%84%a1%e7%b6%ab%e6%8b%8d%e5%8a%87%e4%b8%8d%e6%8d%a8%e5%9b%9d%e5%9b%9d