Selena Lee (李施嬅) was dressed in a shimmering outfit at an event with Chris Lai (黎諾懿) on 13th January 2020, after winning two awards in TVB the night before. She disguised as “Coco” and sang the song, Cherish Tonight (今宵多珍重). When asked about her celebration plan on 12th January, Selena said: “Nothing at all. I left around 2am after finishing an interview and meeting my fans as need to work in the next morning. I need to protect my voice in order to sing tonight and will be celebrating after that. (Celebrating with your good friends?) At a later time. I am travelling to Beijing for training tomorrow and returning after a week later. Anyway, it is a busy year to me.”

Checking if she enjoyed good income this year, Selena laughed and said: “You can say that. The “tail” is quite fat. (How to reward yourself?) Nothing special. I am thinking of travelling and feel overjoyed to receive recognition in my hometown. It is a perfect year and hopefully it will be better in “rat” year.”