52-year-old Marco Ngai’s (魏駿傑) wife, Zhang Lihua (張利華) is exposed of kissing a Westerner passionately in the vehicle earlier. Since 2015, rumours of red lights flashing at their marriage are running rampant and Marco fails to salvage his marriage, despite defending Lihua repeatedly. On 10th January 2020, he posted a message about “relying on nobody except for each other” and changed his profile picture to black colour on Facebook.

At 10.30am on 14th January, Marco was dressed in black outfit with sunglasses and mask to drive his silver vehicle with his male friend back to his flat in Sai Kung. When asked about his divorce news upon alighting from the car, Marco placed his palms together and said while walking: “Thank you.” Subsequently, his friend and maid tided up the stuff in his car boot and the maid was carrying a cooler bag. Ever wonder if Marco is buying groceries for his family? Although he is wearing a mask, but it is obvious Marco loses weight and fails to hide his haggard look.

On the other hand, some reporters took photographs of Lihua driving to a nearby villa after moving out from Marco’s apartment a few days ago. She did not respond about the separation but reveal both were currently handling their family matter and had problems since 5 years ago. They decided to sleep in separate rooms in order not to affect their daughter and Lihua rejected to explain about her relationship with the Westerner.

Source: https://hk.entertainment.appledaily.com/enews/realtime/article/20200114/60482466