Selena Lee (李施嬅) won Most Popular Female Character (最受歡迎電視女角色) and Most Popular On-Screen Partnership (最受歡迎電視拍檔) Awards with Joel Chan (陳山聰), based on Barrack O’ Karma (金宵大廈) drama. She said during an interview: “I am over the moon and realise I feel happier upon seeing others getting the awards. Perhaps that is why TVB only gives it to me after waiting for many years. (Your filming partner, Joel lost the solo award.) It is not really perfect when bagging an award alone and I will feel happier if winning together. In fact, I feel calm upon announcing my name yet a complicated feeling as I know Joel has lost the award. No choice. All opponents are very strong this year and the company should consider to give it to Joel, since there are two winners for Most Popular Female Character Award.”

When mentioned about failing to become TV Queen, Selena explained Kara Hui (惠英紅) and Miriam Yeung (楊千嬅) were movie queens and it was hard to compete with them: “I already knew the results upon their arrivals. Big White Duel (白色強人) series is a big production and deserves to win Best Drama Series (最佳劇集) Award. Of course, I hope Barrack O’ Karma drama will win as it is a low budget production and everyone puts in full efforts. Oh well, the competitors are too strong this year. (Looking forward to the sequel?) Waiting for the notification from the company. I assume someone will be calling me near the awards ceremony but there is no phone call until now. (Lau Kong (劉江) might be excluded in the sequel?) I believe it is not a problem since I have no contract with them too. Hopefully the original cast team members will be participating.”