Daniel Sit (薛世恒) and Gloria Yip (葉蘊儀) participated in ViuTV new show (一切從失婚開始) which premiered on 16th January 2020. Both had to show their presents given from their old love at the street. Daniel expressed he was reminded of the wedding ring immediately: “Once walking at the street together, my ex-wife, Fala Chen (陳法拉) saw a beautiful set of necklace and ring but I could not buy it for her because of financial difficulty. As we have to keep our marriage as a secret, I bought a fashion ring for her as wedding ring eventually.”

He also felt grateful to Fala for supporting him during the difficulties times and was clueless about handling the ring now. Daniel chose to keep the ring and perform ultimately: ” I love to write letters and used to communicate with Fala by writing letters in the past.” He then composed some romantic poems and wrote in the remaining papers to give it to the passer-by.

As for Gloria, she sold a photograph of a cat given by her ex-husband as it was a present for her. Thus, it gave her an unforgettable memory.

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