Chris Lai (黎諾懿) attended the press conference of a show, Feng Shui for the New Year (天天開運王) on 16th January 2020. He expressed he will be celebrating Lunar New Year in Hong Kong as his wife and son felt unwell when celebrating Christmas in Thailand. Chris said: “My son feels sick before setting off and I am unsure if it is because of the virus. On the first day, he vomits once eating and my wife has food poisoning on the fourth day. Hence, I need to take care of them and feel exhausted upon returning to Hong Kong. Anyway, I will be hosting show and making new year cakes this month and definitely spend time with my son.”

As Chris wanted a daughter, he took the opportunity to ask for advice from the geomancer: “I treat them to dinner every night and ask them for tips as well. The master is a conservative man and predicts there is a chance for me to have a daughter one day. (Will not give up until you have a daughter?) Two children are enough and hopefully I will have good news this year.”