It is Bosco Wong’s (黃宗澤) first invitation to a fashion show in France and he participated in 2020 winter clothes collection by Issey Miyake. He wore a pink suit and took photo at the street for a memory. Many local reporters took photos of him and Bosco said: “It is my first time at a fashion show which resembles a student exchange programme. It has been 10 years since I travel to France and get to go for sightseeing after completing my work this time. I already spend lots of money on branded wear on the first day. Since it is my hard earned money, I definitely must reward myself and buy something that I like. Haha. Too many excuses?”

As there were many Asian tourists near the fashion show venue, it became a chaotic situation when they requested to take photos with Bosco. Fortunately, the staff reminded him about the time constraint and a model also invited Bosco for a dance before the show ended. He said: “It is quite unexpected but a lively atmosphere though. I forget about the dance and it is an unforgettable memory to me.”