Kelly Fu (傅嘉莉) turned 34 years old on 6th January 2020 and showed her good body figure at a recent tour show.

A few days ago in the afternoon, Kelly was dolled up and used a branded bag while walking together with her maid at Sheung Wan. She carried a shopping bag and her maid held two shopping bags. Kelly passed by a clearance store selling jade and browed through the windows, before continuing her journey to the Central. It turned out that she was looking for an electric switch at an electric appliance store. Kelly then checked with the sales assistant and walked out empty-handed eventually. Subsequently, she went into an art store to look for the frame and the maid took out the drawing from the recycling bag. Kelly removed her jacket when enquiring with the assistant and wore a white transparent top which looked quite sexy.

After checking with the assistant for 30 minutes, Kelly proceeded to make the payment at the counter and had to withdraw cash from a nearby ATM machine, as the shop accepted cash payment only. While queuing up, many passer-by stared at her and she returned to the shop immediately. Finally, Kelly bought a piece of cake upon passing by a bakery store and left with the maid by driving a vehicle.