Bobby Au Yeung (歐陽震華), Matt Yeung (楊明), Joe Ma (馬德鐘), Timothy Cheng (鄭子誠) and Man Yeung (楊證樺) were at the location shooting for TVB new drama, Buddies Do Big Things (伙記辦大事) at Science Park on 18th January 2020. Bobby and Matt wore traffic police uniforms and resembled real cops.

Bobby expressed the series will wrap up without delaying until next year and emphasised the filming commenced in last October happened to clash with Hong Kong protests: “I am playing a traffic police officer and certain scenes have to shoot at the street. The indoor shootings are completed and we film the outdoor scenes at the end. It is very sensitive and best to avoid troubles.”

When mentioned about his soup restaurants in Wan Chai and Lai Chi Kok had problems one after another, Matt said: “I have instructed my staff in the branch at Lai Chi Kok to handle it and it is not really a big problem. (It will be fine if you do not provide dine in?) Yes, we try our best to persuade our customers not to eat inside.”