Carlos Chan (陳家樂) is perceived as a “male god” to many fans and it is believed they will listen to him if he gives an order. However at night on 24th January 2020, his granny became his difficult opponent and refused to listen to him, despite the new virus outbreak which has spread from Wuhan to Hong Kong. Carlos uploaded a video clip online and his granny shook her head when he asked her to wear a mask. He then tried to persuade her: “It is very dangerous and infectious. Please wear a mask, okay?” However, his grandmother rejected him again.

Hence, Carlos continued to persuade and remind her that she did wear a mask previously. Her grandmother said: “I never wear it at all.” Subsequently, she used her hands to cover her face and Carlos explained it was a very serious situation this time. As she refused to listen to him, Carlos begun to lose his patience and say: “Can you please stop being stubborn?”

Finally, Carlos posted a message: “Feel so mad and she refuses to wear a mask even after talking to her for an hour.” It is understandable that he feels angry as it is related to safety issue after all.