G.E.M. (鄧紫棋) released another new MV, Fly Away which was recorded in her latest album, City Zoo (摩天動物園) on 23rd January 2020. She had released 6 MV until now and asked her fans, upon announcing the preview of her MV on Facebook: “You have no idea the number of MV that I filmed for my new album……”

Some fans asked G.E.M.: “Didn’t you say 7 MV in total?” She posed another question to them: “Do you think this is the final?” G.E.M. added a laughing emoji which attracted her fans to beg her: “Can you please film MV for every song? You should know your fans are greedy.”

Apparently, the song, Fly Away illustrated of a patient suffering from depression and G.E.M. understood the ordeal: “I begin to do research as my friend suffers from depression and realise I have the symptoms too. Fortunately, it is considered minor as I believe in my religion and receive the support from the pastor. As a celebrity, I must convey positive energy to the public and always use music to heal the pain whenever feeling sad. Regardless of the pain and tiredness, I do not want to affect the people surrounding me and wish to protect them instead.”

G.E.M. added she consulted a psychologist during that difficult period of time and the doctor gave her some suggestions: “I am currently facing an unhealthy relationship and need to be brave in order to get rid of it quickly. Hence, I look for my family and a lawyer to resolve the issue.” Finally, she revealed she tried shouting loudly in the hotel room and her inner voice told her that she did not understand it, if someone told her she will recover. As such, G.EM. hoped her song, Fly Away will accompany every patient suffering from depression as she understood they did not need anyone to console, but a similar voice that they could hear it.

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