The shooting for new film (極地搜救) starring Donnie Yen (甄子丹) and directed by Law Chi Leung (羅志良) has commenced at Paektu Mountain in last December. On 27th January 2020, Donnie was supposed to return to the set after enjoying 3 days of leave but the investor Filmko Film Ltd (星皓電影) informed the production team to postpone the shooting to November, because of the virus in Wuhan.

On the same day, Apple Daily HK (蘋果) checked with the boss, Mr Wong (王海峰) of Filmko Flim Ltd and he admitted the filming had begun for 25 days. It was supposed to resume at Paektu Mountain on 27th January but decided to postpone the shooting due to health and safety issue: “This film focuses on snow scenes and we must wait until November once February and March have passed. I believe the virus will not end quickly and it is best to stop the filming now, in order to lose lesser money. We have no other alternatives and it is worse if the staff is sick. We will arrange 100 staff to leave Paektu Mountain once the transportation is available. Anyway, there are many issues to resolve.”

The movie illustrated Donnie and his wife took their son from Hong Kong to Paektu Mountain for a vacation. However, their son was lost in a forest and Donnie tried to look for him with the rescue team under the adverse weather.