On 28th January 2020, Kenneth Ma (馬國明) wore a face mask at the airport and expressed he was travelling to Singapore for stage performance. While waiting, he agreed to take photos with his fans. When mentioned about the virus in Wuhan, Kenneth replied it was unnecessary to worry and had prepared the safety precautions: “I am supposed to attend an event at Huizhou on the second day of lunar new year and it is cancelled. I will do my work once agreed and Ekin Cheng (鄭伊健) is present as well. Anyway, Singapore should be quite safe.”

As Kenneth is well-known as a filial son, he revealed he will be returning to Hong Kong immediately once finishing his work. Asking if he planned to buy face masks in Singapore, Kenneth believed it was a less serious situation over there and planned to buy some masks if given any chances. He also hoped there will be sufficient supply of masks in Hong Kong soon and needed to wait for the announcement from the government.

Source: https://ol.mingpao.com/ldy/showbiz/latest/20200128/1580186919786/%e3%80%90%e6%ad%a6%e6%bc%a2%e8%82%ba%e7%82%8e%e3%80%91%e9%a6%ac%e5%9c%8b%e6%98%8e%e5%a6%82%e6%9c%9f%e5%be%80%e6%96%b0%e5%8a%a0%e5%9d%a1%e5%95%86%e6%bc%94-%e8%b6%81%e6%a9%9f%e6%90%9c%e8%b3%bc%e5%8f%a3%e7%bd%a9%e8%bf%94%e6%b8%af