The virus in Wuhan is wide-spreading and Hong Kong is one of the affected countries. There is a shortage of face masks in the local market and some pharmacies begin to sell it from an unknown sources which make the citizens worried.

Although it is a serious situation, but Carrie Lam (林鄭) makes a slow response. She announced the government had suspended the visa-free entry countries to Hong Kong temporarily and high speed train services at West Kowloon. As there was access to the city, Wong He (王喜) showed his anger by posting a message on Facebook: “Please stop the complete access to the city. You even have the cheek to say that you cherish this home. Who goes to hell if Carrie does not?” Subsequently, he edited the post.

Wong He added the bats had tried its best not to resemble food ingredient and seal the virus for a thousand year. It was trying to disguise as “pandora’s box” (潘多拉盒子) and he left another message: “True! Poor bat bat!”