The virus in Wuhan is spreading rapidly and there are severe shortages of face masks and disinfectants in Hong Kong. On 30th January 2020, rumours of Matt Yeung (楊明) distributing face masks at his soup restaurant went viral, and Tommy Yuen (阮民安) even urged the public to grab it immediately through his Facebook account. On the same day, Matt dismissed it and the remaining supply could only last his staff for 2 weeks to a month. On 31st January, he shared photo of a notice including the message posted by Tommy to urge the public to get the masks, and pointed the culprit was “inhuman”.

Matt said: “Are you aware of the current situation is very frightening? It is a very serious condition yet you have the mood to create rumours? It is fine if you are not conveying positive energy but please do not instigate others to damage the property. Are you too bored or simply wish to show your presence? There is a risk that everybody will be infected and not the time to argue but hoping to find a cure soon. For goodness sake, please show your humanity. #lacking of humanity is worse than virus #please look at the situation before taking advantage.”