The virus in Wuhan is outspreading and many artistes such as Ruco Chan (陳展鵬), Kaki Leung (梁嘉琪) and Canny Leung (梁芷珊) wear face masks for protection in public places. Ruco uploaded photo of his daughter Quinta and shared his perspective by using Quinta’s identity.

Ruco said: “Quinta urges everyone to make safety precautions before going out so as to remain healthy and reduce the virus from spreading. We must do our parts well in order to become good citizens.”

Kaki said: “It is best to stay at home. Although we need to meet our friends, but we must protect each other and dare not guarantee that we are healthy. #hope to see you forever #must replenish the toiletries #very hard to buy #must buy glasses too #buy 2 more tops to keep warm #safety precautions #take care #face mask, face mask, face mask”

Canny said: “Reminding everybody to wear face masks outside and must disinfect yourselves if driving. Please use alcohol pads to wipe the steering wheel and handles of the car doors. Hong Kong citizens are innocent and we must prepare safety precautions. #managed to buy bleach and alcohol is unnecessary”