Inez Leong (梁諾妍) has many plans such as filming drama and movies, opening her own fitness club and participating in marathons worldwide in 2020. She also has a stable relationship with Tony Hung (洪永城) who invited her to join half marathon in Pyongyang. Inez said: “Please do not frighten me! (Accept if he proposes marriage at the finishing point?) It depends if he can catch up with my pace. It is his first time to participate in a marathon and I will run slower so as to complete it together.”

In addition, Inez believed Tony was not an old-fashioned man who will propose marriage at the finishing point but both treated each other as marriage partners. Hence, they planned to cohabit this year so as to see if they could accept their daily habits. Inez was not worried about breaking up because of cohabiting and emphasised her confidence in the relationship: “Communication and having trust are the most important factors.”