The virus in Wuhan is spreading rapidly and the suspected cases are increasing in Hong Kong. As the local market is facing shortage of face masks and disinfectant products supplies, Priscilla Wong’s (黃翠如) sister decides to create her own disinfectant products due to safety reason. On 28th January 2020, Priscilla uploaded photo of the disinfectants with the labels and listed the ingredients online. It won compliments from many netizens and she left a message:

“Online class (ingredients):
Ethanol (乙醇) 96%: 420ml
Hydrogen peroxide (雙氧水) 6%: 10ml
Glycerol (甘油) 98%: 7.5ml
Cool boiled water (凍滾水): 62.5ml

Let’s do it and fight against the battle together!”