41-year-old Bernice Liu (廖碧兒) is crowned 2001 Miss Chinese International (2001年國際華裔小姐冠軍) and is blessed with beauty, intelligence and fit body figure. After breaking up with a rich boyfriend Calvin Lo (盧啟賢), she has been having a dry love life and is busy with pursuing her studies, filming drama, shooting advertisements and managing her business. Although year 2020 has arrived, but Bernice continues to place her career and studies as her top priority and look forward to a new romance at the same time. When asked about the expectations of her prince charming, Bernice listed the criteria: “Having same interests such as drinking wine and cooking are the most important. It will be great to manage food business together. It is vital to have good communication and he must love children and animals.”

Known as the “golden prime lady” (黃金盛女) in the market, Bernice expressed her desire to date: “I will feel happy if somebody is accompanying me but love to spend time with a group of friends too. I am a frequent traveller and it is good if I can stay longer and cultivate the feelings. I am serious in every relationship and refrain from thinking about getting married, in order not to feel stressful. Hence, I prefer to have dinner and watch movies with my friends.”

Mentioning about her career, Bernice was currently pursuing a business course in Canada so as to manage her business well. She will be filming new drama in April and hoping her wine business will be expanding: “Begin to invest in wine business since 10 years ago and I am selling products from French and Chile. I really wish my business will expand to Italy and enjoy memberships from different wine associations, in order to expand my horizon.”

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