The virus in Wuhan is spreading rapidly and there is severe shortages of face masks and disinfectants in Hong Kong. The citizens begin to make safety precautions and many artistes have to take the risk to travel to overseas because of work. In the afternoon on 30th January 2020, Aaron Kwok (郭富城) was dressed in red hoodie with sunglasses and black mask, and prepared to set off to America for his world tour concert with his manager and 6 staff. He also taught his employees to wear the masks correctly.

Aaron greeted the reporters once discovering their presence: “Happy new year! Stay healthy! (Make any safety measures since staying in America for more than 10 days?) My colleagues have prepared it for me. (Any wishes in new year?) Staying healthy. My wife Moka Fang (方媛) is not accompanying me and feeling worried. She keeps telling me to be careful and wear mask all the time.” He added both of his daughters were forbidden to go out: “It is best for them to stay at home to sing songs since they do not need to go to school. My wife is not going back to Shanghai as well. (Disallow her to return to China?) It is best to stay at home. Happy new year and wish everyone remains healthy. Hope everything will be resolve soon.”

Asking if he monitored the virus update everyday since looking at the tablet, before entering into the departure hall, Aaron said: “Must look at the condition.” Finally, he waved goodbye and went into the departure hall.