Tony Hung (洪永城) and Gloria Tang (鄧佩儀) tried their role images for TVB new drama, Armed Reaction 2020 (陀槍師姐2020) on 30th January 2020. He expressed he had prepared his homework in advance so as to achieve the best effects and the filming will commence in February. When mentioned about Tony had many kissing scenes lately, Gloria pointed she loved passionate man and Tony replied he was unaware if both had any kissing scenes. She laughed and asked him: “Are you very disappointed?” Tony said: “Yes. Very disappointed.”

Tony believed it was a good beginning in the new year as he won prizes from betting and lucky draw. He added he won a “golden rat” prize during the company’s lucky draw and went to his girlfriend’s house during the festive season. Fortunately, nobody urged Tony to get married: “We are adults and have our own plans. It is unnecessary to give us pressure. (Distribute red packets next year?) Good. It is my target and hopefully it will come true.”