The virus in Wuhan is wide-spreading and many artistes urge the citizens to make safety measures and protect themselves. On Instagram, Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍) shared photo of herself wearing sunglasses, hat and face mask, and left a message on Instagram: “Please protect yourselves and others well. #hope everyone stays healthy” Calvin Choy (蔡一智) also uploaded photo of himself wearing a mask: “My dear friends, please take good care of yourselves, eat enough nutritions and have plenty of rest during this period of time. Appropriate exercises and having a positive mindset help to strengthen the immune system. Hopefully the virus will go away soon and everyone stays healthy!”

In addition, Ali Lee (李佳芯) disclosed she stayed at home as she had no face mask and posted a message on Instagram: “We must remain calm when the world is changing quickly. #I have no mask #stay at home #must disinfect yourself #avoid touching your face due to bacteria #definitely can make safety precautions #must show concern for your loved ones #let’s fight against the battle together”